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Our puppy program is where we begin training our young dogs.  Within the first few weeks of life we begin to acclimate them to ignore loud noises and other distractions. We begin socialization as soon as we recieve them, and reinforce and build upon it in the puppy program.

As they continue to grow, they are introduced to various climbing obstacles and tactile surfaces to promote balance and coordination skills. At the end of the first month here we begin “ play” to start the evaluation process of the puppies nerve.  Play is centered around building the appropriate drive, nerve, and stamina. Socialization begins in earnest to help form well rounded dogs with self confidence. As they mature, we begin to introduce basic obedience  laying a strong foundation to build upon to meet each individual Veterans specific needs. This prepares them to be a valuable service dog.

At 16 weeks they enter the service dog training program.