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This is an inspiring story of Ohioans coming together to help military veterans in need. Dogs 4 Warriors Inc. is an organization that trains service dogs for veterans who require a little assistance and companionship. Even better, inmates who are military veterans in our Belmont Correctional Institution heard about the program and are stepping up to help train even more service dogs.

This is a perfect example of folks coming together to use their God-given talents and abilities to make a real difference in the world. It didn’t require government to get it done, it didn’t require a new law --- all it needed was love, energy and dedication. And it’s making a real difference for veterans across our nation.

I couldn’t be more proud of Dogs 4 Warriors Inc. and their friends at Belmont Correctional. They’re setting an example we all can follow.


The Henry Golden Boy Limited Edition Military Tribute .22 Cal. Rifle Raffle started by Dogs 4 Warriors in October 2014 was set to end after a total of 500 tickets were sold.  As of today, unfortunately, not all 500 tickets have been purchased.  Careful consideration of Dogs 4 Warriors has determined that we no longer wish to drag the time out to complete selling the remainder of the raffle tickets.  The raffle drawing will be conducted on, April 6, 2017, at 1 p.m. EST.

The drawing will be recorded by the Digital Marketing Group, Inc. The video will be posted on our Facebook group, as well as our website at for viewing at your leisure.

Rules are as such:

          Due to the duration of the raffle, and due to ATF rules and regulations, 3 names will be drawn.  If contact within 48 hrs. cannot be made with the 1st Ticket drawn or they fail to meet qualifications of Federal or Local State Firearms ownership or Transfer, the 2nd Ticket becomes the Winner.  If contact within 48 hrs. cannot be made or they fail to meet qualifications of Federal or Local State Firearms ownership or Transfer rules, the 3rd Ticket drawn moves to be the winner.

          Since multiple tickets have been purchased by the same individuals, tickets will be drawn until 3 separate individuals’ names are produced.

The tickets will be drawn by World War II, US Army Air Corps Veteran, Jesse Reese of Dover, Ohio.  Mr. Reese was a Tail Gunner on a B-17 Bomber and flew 35 Bombing Missions over Europe.  

 Over 70 years ago, Staff Sgt. Jesse Reese earned a Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions in World War II. 

Reese was a tail gunner assigned to the 337th Bombardment Squadron, 96th Bombardment group, near Hamburg, Germany. On December 31, 1944, his aircraft, a B-17 bomber nicknamed “Ole Skatterflak” was attacked and hit by 20 millimeter shells and subsequently forced out of formation, becoming a lone target for German fighters. 

Four crew members were wounded and the aircraft was badly damaged, however Reese successfully repelled enemy fighters from his position as the tail gunner. 

“Ole Skatterflak” made it across the North Sea and landed at Woodbridge Air Base, stopping just a few feet from the end of the three mile long emergency runway.

This was the crew’s 35th and final mission and they were shipped home the next day. 


          Dogs 4 Warriors would like to thank everyone involved in this raffle to include, Henry Repeating Arms, Mr. Jesse Reese of Dover, OH, every ticket purchaser, and Digital Marketing for helping us with this fundraiser, video, and the raffle drawing.



Goodyear Blimp Ride Raffle Winner Announced



Congratulations to Al Sherman of Oldenberg, Indiana! 


Al won a once in a lifetime chance for a flight for 4 aboard  the "Spirit of Innovation" Blimp, thanks to his generous purchase of raffle tickets for this chance. 

Al will join a very elite club of aerial travelers.  

Bon Voyage Al, and thank you again for supporting Dogs 4 Warriors!

July’s Heart to Paw Grant to Impact the Lives of Several Veterans

When a member of the military is called to duty, they put their entire life on hold to fight for our country’s safety and security.Unfortunately, the effects of combat often leave these soldiers with life-changing conditions. Upon their return home, many suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or a traumatic brain injury (TBI). These conditions cause the sufferer to feel confused, anxious and afraid. As a result, more than 20 veterans commit suicide each day. One of the organizations fighting to decrease this statistic is Dogs 4 Warriors.

Dogs 4 Warriors provides highly trained service dogs at no cost to veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI and other combat-related injuries. The organization raises, trains and later matches service dogs to a veteran based on the veteran’s home life and personal needs. Each pup and veteran team receives on-site training together that can last weeks. Sadly, Dogs 4 Warriors can only help a few veterans at a time due to limited space. But with the help of Big Heart Pet Brands July $20,000 Heart to Paw grant, that’s about to change.

“This donation means that we can expand our current operations to meet the needs of several more veterans! Since we started Dogs 4 Warriors, our goal has been to build a 5 room cabin that would be living space for multiple veterans while they train with their service dogs. This donation finally gives us the means to work towards our goal!” – Sheila Slezak, Founder and CEO, Dogs 4 Warriors

Arun Ghosh, Big Heart Pet Brands’ Senior Manager of Demand Planning, submitted the grant proposal after meeting two wounded veterans who had been helped by Dogs 4 Warriors:


“I was on a long train ride last spring and I ended up sitting next to two war veterans. They shared with me their stories of dealing with PTSD and how Dogs 4 Warriors helped them, and many other veterans, cope with the illness through service dogs. I was touched by their stories and wanted to help Dogs 4 Warriors continue their important and generous work.”

Big Heart Pet Brands is proud to support Dogs 4 Warriors and welcome them into ourHeart to Paw family!

Read it on the Heart-To-Paws website here