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   Dogs 4 Warriors uses many rescue dogs in its service dog program. This takes dogs out of the overburdened shelters and gives them a new lease on life. Like our veterans, these dogs have been forgotten by a large part of our society. Roughly 1.2 million dogs are euthanized every year in the United States. Using these rescue dogs to help rescue our veterans is a natural fit.

   We carefully select the rescue dogs we use. They must be under two years old, have a good temperament, be physically up to the job, and healthy. While we are rescuing, the dogs must be up to the job of being with their veteran everywhere they go, working long hours. Not that we cherry pick our dogs. Many of our rescues have been deemed untrainable before they arrive at Dogs 4 Warriors. Through our thorough training program nearly every one of these dogs succeeds at becoming a service dog for one of our veterans.

   We get our rescues from a variety of places. The Geauga County Ohio Animal Shelter has supplied most of our rescues so far.  Parma, Jefferson, Tuscarawas, and Holmes County Animal Shelters in Ohio have also supplied Dogs 4 Warriors with dogs. From Florida we get dogs from the Miami Dade Animal Shelter and from the private rescue SHARE. New Jersey Rescues have come Bergan County Dog Shelter.  Finally, we also accept owner surrenders, avoiding the dogs ever being placed into the shelter system. As you can see, we accept dogs from a variety of sources as long as the dog is a good fit for our program.

   Dogs 4 Warriors is proud to use rescue dogs. These dogs have been cast aside, through no fault of their own, and deserve another chance. The similarities between the situations society puts both these dogs and our veterans in are striking; forgotten, no longer of use, neglected,cast aside, struggling. For the dogs’ part, despite what some people say, we can see the gratitude and joy in their eyes to be loved and valued again. They know they have been saved. For our veterans, the rescues can hold a special place in their hearts, knowing they are rescuing each other.