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Each day, twenty two Veterans with PTSD, TBI, and other combat injuries find suicide as the only alternative to a life of suffering the effects of combat. The focus of Dogs 4 Warriors Inc is to provide top quality service dogs at no cost for these Veterans and improve the quality of life for those who have sacrificed everything for us. Our mission is to train and provide these special dogs to qualified Veterans. These brave men and women have already paid with their unselfish service to our country.   

Dogs 4 Warriors Inc has dedicated themselves to providing highly trained service dogs to our Veterans in need, absolutely FREE. This includes the Dog ,Training, Vest, Leashes, Collars, Spaying or Neutering, Vaccine’s Current and up to date, Health Exam, 6 Months’ Heartworm , 3 Months Flea and Tick Medication, Micro Chip ID. Along with lifelong support of our veteran and his new “Brother”.

We have 86 acres for training and relaxation for our warriors. With new facilities in the planning stages, we seek to provide as much as possible to our Veterans in need. Dogs 4 Warriors Inc.'s 2017 goal is to finish a new cabin for housing our nation's heroes while here in training, along with permanent housing for an assistant trainer.  Our assistant  trainers are all combat veterans. Along with a new modern kennel facility. 

Your support will provide our Veterans with a new outlook on life, and the opportunity to participate in their family’s daily activities, community events, along with social reintegration. Your help provides a loyal “brother” to support their veteran through the difficult ups and downs in a life of continuing healing after combat. We train our Military to go to war, but we don’t train them to come home.

Please be aware not all wounds are visible.

Dogs 4 Warriors Inc, was founded  by Veterans, and their families, for Veterans.

Dogs 4 Warriors Inc operates off of donations and sales of licensed merchandise. If you would like to donate to our cause and help the many service men and women that protect us here at home and abroad, please make a donation. Any contribution is both welcome and appreciated. If it weren’t for our military, none of us would have the freedom to do many things that we take for granted every day. Please review our web site to learn more about our program.

  Our goal for sustainablity here at Dogs 4 Warriors Inc. is to seek sponsorship from various companies, organizations,  large corporations, along with possible  philanthropist contributors.


“The Brotherhood Continues” here at Dogs 4 Warriors Inc.


Dogs 4 Warriors, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your gift is tax deductible as a charitable donation.


Dogs 4 Warriors News

The Henry Golden Boy Limited Edition Military Tribute .22 Cal. Rifle Raffle started by Dogs 4 Warriors in October 2014 was set to end after a total of 500 tickets were sold.  As of today, unfortunately, not all 500 tickets have been purchased.  Careful consideration of Dogs 4 Warriors has determined that we no longer wish to drag the time out to complete selling the remainder of the raffle tickets.  The Read More...